Krista Fowler, ECE


Krista is currently a student at Fanshawe College for the Early Childhood Education Program and is set to graduate in April 2021. She is a local to the Stratford community and has lived here her whole life? She has been working alongside children for the last 4-5 years and has attended various placements within her local community. Some of the hobbies she enjoys are baking or cooking, walking with her partner and dog, watching movies with her dog and two cats, or working out!

As a current student of Fanshawe College for the Early Childhood Education Program, a skill that she plans to instill in the Toddler Program with Miss Randi is self-regulation through positive interactions and healthy development alongside families and the environment. By being able to support children and help them develop key coping skills, will allow them to gain control and regulate their emotions and behaviour during and after a challenging time. This promotes a sense of security, belonging, and engagement within their environments and interactions alongside family, peers, and educators. How she plans to promote this is through positive role modeling and acknowledging the child’s needs and or stressors. Interpreting these stressors and offering comfort and opportunities for the child to recover and begin to self-regulate.